Fishtown Briefcase A Review of Economy-Friendly Beers
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    February 6th, 2009max langbeer, Reviews

    Schmidt is a lager produced by the Pabst/J Heileman Brewing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It should not be confused with the now defunked Philadelphia beer Schmidt’s, they have no connection in the least.  This lager is a bit on the thin side, and no…the cans with fish on them don’t taste like trout stout or something.  I guess that there is a hint of corn to Schmidt, it’s slightly smooth and has little or no head.  This beer is however, not as smooth and flavorful than other Pabst product( not to mention other brewers products) that you can find out there in the bargain aisles of your local beer vendor.  The best thing to be said about them is that they have neat looking cans with bears, trout, quail and other wildlife on them.  Perhaps this is the official beer of hunters/gamesmen or what, I drink what I kill!  All in all not a horrible beer, just not a very good one, unless you’re a can collector. 2 OF 5 briefcases.

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    January 6th, 2009max langbeer, Reviews

    Lone Star logo

    Lone Star is a light colored lager brewed by Pabst in the Lone Star state of Texas.  Last week I picked up a six at a New Jersey liquor store for the very popular price of $3.50.  This beer claims to be ‘the National Beer of Texas.’  If Texans like their beer with a soapy flavor and aftertaste, more power to them.

    Lone Star has a mild corn-like odor, a cream-like flavor somewhat reminiscent of soap (as if someone neglected to fully rinse the bottle, it’s not too overpowering) and an aftertaste with a hint of tart lemon which follows with an even bigger soapy kick.  Admittedly, drinking Lone Star would likely be a more satisfying experience on a hot summer day in Texas heat, that however is only a guess.

    While the price is great, and Lone Star certainly isn’t the worst of the uber-cheap suds, it leaves a lot to be desired in the flavor department.  I have to give it 2 briefcases out of 5 and most of that is for its sheer affordability.  However,  buyers may want to skip by this one and go for another one of Pabst’s myriad products, even if it’s a dollar or two more.

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    December 13th, 2008mattbeer, fun, Reviews

    Let me tell you, I am fully embarrassed by having the opening title for this be the NBA playoffs slogan adapted/bastardized from the Black Eyed Pea’s “Lets get retarded.”  Our taste really isn’t that bad.  Or perhaps it is.  You see, our goal over the next 52 weeks is to buy a case of the cheapest beer we can find and judge it on its merit and our experiences with it.

    This experience is going to be with a modern classic, Mickey’s Malt Liquor.

    Notice the short, thick, wide-mouthed bottle dubbed “The Hand Grenade.” How could there be a better bottle design?  It’s different, beautiful, has a badass nickname, AND is easy to drink from- the beer practically pours itself down your throat.  It is a lager-style beer that also makes a good training beer- it’s one of the only bottles you can really chug down with speed due to its unique shape and mouth.  This beer makes you drink it fast, so putting down 8-10 of these malt explosives in a single sitting won’t be uncommon (read: I have a drinking problem).

    The flavor of Mickey’s is good and makes for very unproblematic drinking- at 5.7% ABV it packs enough punch without that strong booze taste you get from most malt liquors.  At around $14-$16 for a case, it will get the job done at a price you can afford without killing your taste buds.

    I’m not sure if the people at most beer companies are cool, but Mickey’s has to have about the coolest people.  First, they’re growing in popularity in large part right now through their sponsorship of UFC, the very fun-to-watch, most badass fighting sport on the planet.  A quick glance at their web site has some awesomely funny stuff including a practical joke section where I learned that filling a water pistol with baby oil and spraying my friends around the crotch with it before a night out and telling them “Its only water, it will dry soon” is a great idea.

    Overall, I’m going to give Mickey’s 4.5 briefcases.  That’s over 100 beers.  This stuff is good, cheap, and effective and the sweet bottle really makes for a pretty fun beer to drink.  I could make this my casual brew with no problems, and I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t had it in a while to pick up a case.  Like the little hornet on the bottle says “Get Stung!”

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