Fishtown Briefcase A Review of Economy-Friendly Beers
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    January 6th, 2009max langbeer, Reviews

    Lone Star logo

    Lone Star is a light colored lager brewed by Pabst in the Lone Star state of Texas.  Last week I picked up a six at a New Jersey liquor store for the very popular price of $3.50.  This beer claims to be ‘the National Beer of Texas.’  If Texans like their beer with a soapy flavor and aftertaste, more power to them.

    Lone Star has a mild corn-like odor, a cream-like flavor somewhat reminiscent of soap (as if someone neglected to fully rinse the bottle, it’s not too overpowering) and an aftertaste with a hint of tart lemon which follows with an even bigger soapy kick.  Admittedly, drinking Lone Star would likely be a more satisfying experience on a hot summer day in Texas heat, that however is only a guess.

    While the price is great, and Lone Star certainly isn’t the worst of the uber-cheap suds, it leaves a lot to be desired in the flavor department.  I have to give it 2 briefcases out of 5 and most of that is for its sheer affordability.  However,  buyers may want to skip by this one and go for another one of Pabst’s myriad products, even if it’s a dollar or two more.

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