Fishtown Briefcase A Review of Economy-Friendly Beers
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    “Fishtown Briefcase,” a term made popular by Joey Sweeney (formerly of Fishtown, Philadelphia)  is an expression of speech which some Philadelphians use for a 24 or 30-pack of (almost always cheap, cheap) beer that can be held with a briefcase-style handle. A “blue collar” or lower-to-middle income worker would bring this home from work with him/her, instead of a leather attache. What qualifies a case of beer as a Fishtown Briefcase is specifically the carrying handle {and the attractively low price}.

    A Fishtown Briefcase is within the reach of the everyman. It’s classic and authentic. And as we slog through the current economic hard times, the Fishtown Briefcase may help us through our troubles. It might cause new troubles. A slogan I came up with was “Fishtown Briefcase – Saving Money and Ruining Relationships Since 2008″ … We might still use it buy cialis uk. Hell, it would sound great on a t-shirt.

    There are some beers we may review which do not adhere strictly to the Fishtown Briefcase format, but are too good and inexpensive to pass over. Why would you ever drink Milwaukee’s Best if you could get a case of Lionshead? {I’m just using that as an example, this is a personal preference, like all reviews on our site will be.} But sometimes your favorite cheap beers aren’t available, and you have to make due with what you can scrounge up.

    We’re currently looking for reviewers to review inexpensive beers, and contribute to the site. More information coming soon!

    Get in touch if you’re interested in reviewing/writing or anything else.

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