Fishtown Briefcase A Review of Economy-Friendly Beers
  • Finally, something about Pennsylvania!

    January 4th, 2009trishReviews

    Finally, a bad review on Fishtown Briefcase.

    I had a few days off from work this week, not enough days to take a trip somewhere interesting at the last minute, and not enough advance planning to make it happen on the skint. What to do? I tried staying at home organizing the crap out of my house, and got cabin fever on the 2nd day. So I took a drive out to the Lancaster outlet malls and was hoping to catch a local package store on the way up or back to see what beers they had to offer that weren’t as easily had at home in the Philly area. I was hoping to find something along the lines of Knights Head or some secret PA Dutch cheap beer but instead the only package stores I drove by on the day before New Year’s Eve were closed by 7:30pm. Shameful. Then along Route 30 in Exton, PA, I entered the most amazing beer distributor I’ve ever been in during my 30-some years of existence. I drooled past the Rogue section and skipped purchasing from the microbrew/import aisle and ended up in the cheap macro section looking for inspiration.

    What I found: Pennsylvania Style Lager. Since we’re a blog based in PA, I thought, what the heck. The price was definitely right.

    Pennsylvania Style Lager

    Pennsylvania Style Lager

    Brewed by GJS Sales Inc. which is associated with the City Brewing Company (formerly G. Heileman Brewing Co.) in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, this beer goes for approximately $11 for a 30-pack briefcase of 12 oz. cans cheapest levitra. That’s approximately 37 cents per beer! They also make a Pennsylvania Style Ice and Pennsylvania Style Light if you’re a sporting type.

    Best drank ice cold, so cold you can barely taste it, Pennsylvania Style Lager is also a good “shotgun” beer. You want to make sure you drink it as quickly as possible so as to miss the flavor as much as you can. The taste is light, thin and sweet, with an aftertaste kind of like carbonated corn syrup or perhaps watered-down apple juice. The pour is pale yellow with a nice head that quickly goes down. The best part of drinking this beer is that later, when you emit a monster belch from that can you just shotgunned while it was so ice cold you could barely taste it, your belch tastes like apple juice. If you get a big sip of the head, it’s probably the second-best part. But this ain’t no lager.

    Other reviewers who sampled Pennsylvania Style Lager with me had this to say:

    “Tastes disgusting!”

    “It’s blander than club soda.”

    “It smells like beer, but hold your nose while drinking it and it goes down like a beautiful butterfly.”


    “It tastes like they took a keg of water, pissed into it, added a splash of apple juice and a couple shots of grain alcohol to make this beer.”

    So there you have it… Pennsylvania Style Lager in a nutshell. It ain’t no lager, and it doesn’t taste anything like Pennsylvania.

    Overall rating: 1.5 out of 5 briefcases, mainly for the price, the ease of shotgunning, and the apple juice burp aftertaste.

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